S01E12: What Makes Skidmore Unique?

August 10, 2016

Interim Vice President of Communications and Marketing Debra Townsend and Vice President for Academic Affairs Beau Breslin join Director of Marketing Luke Meyers to discuss differentiating Skidmore amongst other liberal arts colleges. Debra and Beau shed light on what makes Skidmore special, what challenges it faces as a liberal arts institution, and what incoming students can expect at Skidmore.

S01E11: Olympics Expert Jeff Segrave

July 26, 2016

With the 2016 Olympics fast approaching, professor of health and exercise sciences Jeff Segrave offers his opinion on how this large event will effect Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We also discuss his long-time opinion of a permanent location for both the summer and winter games.

S01E10: Curator Wendy Anthony

July 13, 2016

Most Skidmore students know the name Lucy Scribner, but not many find as deep a connection to the founder of the Young Women’s Industrial Club of Saratoga Springs—eventually evolving into Skidmore College—as Special Collections Curator Wendy Anthony. Through her work at Skidmore, Anthony travels back in time discovering the interesting roots of the college.

S01E09: David Miner ‘91 and Jared Greenbaum ‘11

June 29, 2016

David Miner '91 and Jared Greenbaum '11 returned to Skidmore to attend milestone reunions, and reflected on their experiences at Skidmore, 25 and 5 years later. Although they are at different stages in life, they shared similar experiences with the National College Comedy Festival and even had the opportunity to work together, after their time at Skidmore.

S01E08: Alumni Awardee Jessyca Dudley ‘06

June 14, 2016

Jessyca Dudley '06, a former Peace Corps public-health worker and teacher in Africa who is now fighting gun violence for the Joyce Foundation, received the Palamountain Award for Young Alumni Achievement at her 10th reunion. Jessyca discusses her life at Skidmore, and how it effected her path beyond graduation.

S01E07: Mike Sposili on Commencement and Reunion

June 2, 2016

In between two HUGE campus events, Mike Sposili, Executive Director Alumni Relations & College Events, shares what his department is up to. The office of Alumni Relations & College Events is responsible for helping to plan Commencement and Reunion, but what exactly goes into it? Listen and find out!

S01E06: The Founders of Windrush

May 20, 2016

Max Walker '13 and Riley Alsman '13, co-founders of Windrush, a data visualization tool, came back to campus for an episode of This Is Skidmore! They chat with us about their Skidmore experience, as well as the first few years of navigating a start-up company after graduation.

S01E05: Transition from Government to Political Science

May 9, 2016

Ron Seyb, Chair of what used to be known as the Department of Government, discusses the thinking behind the original name, as well as the new transition to naming it Political Science. He also reflects on a unique interdisciplinary opportunity, and his exciting classroom plans for the future.

S01E04: Freirich Business Plan 2016 Winner

April 19, 2016

Congratulations to Alexander Nassief ’16, founder of Rum Dogs, for winning the 2016 Kenneth A. Freirich Business Plan Competition! Listen to what it takes to be the winner, and the history of the event from competition coordinator Roy Rotheim, professor of economics at Skidmore.

S01E03: Scholarship Circle and Financial Aid

April 13, 2016

Scholarship Circle students Tori Eldridge '16 and Matt Lueckheide '17 join us to talk about Financial Aid at Skidmore College, and what being a part of the Scholarship Circle is all about.