S02E06: Fake News with Andrew Lindner

January 24, 2017

Professor Andrew Lindner '03 discusses his research on citizen journalism, a growing trend since 2008. He also explains "fake news" and how Internet users can understand what sources are credible.

S02E05: A Company From a Class

January 18, 2017

For Nick Petrella '15 and Keirsten Sires '15, the website Locker Room Talk was a class project. It was an idea that was eventually was presented to potential investors as the final exam for the class, and at the time, nothing more. After graduation, Nick and Keirsten realized their project could become reality, and founded LockerRoomTalk.com, a website to serve as a resource for prospective college athletes throughout the recruiting process.

S02E04: Dr. Paul Arcerio

December 15, 2016

Professor of health and exercise sciences Dr. Paul Arcerio has dedicated most of his life to understanding health and wellness through science. His new app, Genio-Fit, uses his own research to develop a "set it and forget it" wellness routine to help users achieve their fitness goals.

SO2E03: Women’s Field Hockey

November 22, 2016

Women's Field Hockey team members Kayla Rose '18 and Becca Halter '17 join coach Beth Hallenbeck after winning the Liberty League championship and moving on to the NCAA Tournament. In the last 9 years, the team has won the Liberty League 7 times. Rose, Halter, and Hallenbeck explain the recruitment process, what it means to be an athlete at Skidmore, and how it feels to be a champion.

S02E02: Political scientist Chris Mann

October 27, 2016

Teaching both "Campaigns and Elections" and "Election Research" this semester, assistant professor Chris Mann discusses the upcoming election. In his classes, students are learning not only about campaign strategy, but also researching voter turnout on election day.

S02E01: Welcoming #Skidmore2020

October 14, 2016

Student academic coordinator for the First Year Experience Marla Melito '93 and student Facebook advisor Joe Doino '18 are on the front lines of assisting the class of 2020 as they begin at Skidmore. We discuss the community being built inside of the class of 2020 Facebook group that Joe oversees, as well as mentorship opportunities for upperclassmen on campus.

Skidmore Remembers September 11th, 2001

September 9, 2016

On the 15th anniversary of the September 11th attack, the Skidmore community reflects on where they were that day.

S01E13: Behind the Scenes

August 22, 2016

To close season one, Digital Engagement Manager Daniella Nordin joins Social Media Coordinator Jackie Vetrano to discuss the who, what, and why of This is Skidmore.

S01E12: What Makes Skidmore Unique?

August 10, 2016

Interim Vice President of Communications and Marketing Debra Townsend and Vice President for Academic Affairs Beau Breslin join Director of Marketing Luke Meyers to discuss differentiating Skidmore amongst other liberal arts colleges. Debra and Beau shed light on what makes Skidmore special, what challenges it faces as a liberal arts institution, and what incoming students can expect at Skidmore.

S01E11: Olympics Expert Jeff Segrave

July 26, 2016

With the 2016 Olympics fast approaching, professor of health and exercise sciences Jeff Segrave offers his opinion on how this large event will effect Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We also discuss his long-time opinion of a permanent location for both the summer and winter games.